SpaceX Launch From The Florida Trail #shorts

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  1. Love it! You are very lucky Dixie in order to see a launch, i would love to both do a trail and see a launch in the US. But I have a family and need to plan things like that in order to get there.

  2. On a dark desert highway, baby powder in my hair. I saw a light ship, soar through the air…?❤️?

  3. My brother once saw the shuddle launch while he was in the Navy.
    Watch out for the falling debris coming down Dixie! ?

  4. Dixie, do you still carry your Moment Macro Lens? Thinking about purchasing one but wonder if it lasted for you?

  5. If you that's impressive, I watched a space shuttle launch from the pier in Cape Canaveral! ?

  6. Sadly, I've lived in S Florida most of my life and still haven't witnessed a launch.

  7. I'm glad that was not humanity's last shuttle off the planet earth. Not ready to leave yet!!

  8. I saw a shuttle go up in 1982 while living in Titusville, the ground was shaking, it was very cool!

  9. Wow from the comments you seem to have alot of central Florida fans including me. Love watching the ? rockets?

  10. You saw a launch while in Florida. So happy you experienced the excitement our family has grown to love.

  11. Dixie, I think it would be cool if you were the first thru-hiker on Mars someday. "Interplanetary Wanderlust"

  12. That is such a cool contrast between the experience of hiking, nature and then a rocket.

  13. I remember seeing a similar site back in December 1999 on the way from Atlanta Georgia to Orlando. I’ll never forget that.

  14. We are just getting into Solar Cycle 25. Space Weather is beyond my paygrade but their maybe an effect on Satellites and possibly GPS especially at dawn and dusk in the coming years.
    Space Weather Woman: Tabitha Skov as 4 hour videoes in case anybody is interested.